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Holiday Lights

How to Decorate with Christmas Greenery

During Christmas, your home is a winter wonderland, and greenery can make a home lively and elegant. While the Christmas tree is usually the decorative focal point, there are plenty of other greenery options to complement your tree and pull your design together. Pre-lit garland and wreaths save the time and effort of stringing lights, and our greenery gives a fresh look to any house or business. Use greenery to liven up any area for the holidays.


Eastside Holiday Lights specializes in hanging greenery, offering installation of wreaths, and prelit garland. Would you rather do something as a family? We would be happy to install the lights and you can do the greenery. Here are some ideas to help you.


How to Decorate with Christmas Greenery

Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

Outdoor Christmas Yard Decoration

Greenery Features

To get a gorgeous and plush look, Christmas garland and wreaths have many great features look for:


Prelit, unlit or decorative wreaths and garland available

Premium with durable needles or patented TruTip design with lifelike PE needles

Battery operated wreaths and garland allow greenery to be displayed anywhere but not necessary

Pair greenery with matching tree style or display alone

Live greenery is always wonderful, and hard to duplicate


Decorating with Wreaths

Christmas wreaths range in size from 24" to 12' and can fit in any area. They're great for doors, windows, walls, mantles, columns and posts. Wreath hangers can be used to hang in many of these locations.




Choose where you want to place the wreath

Measure the area

Choose a wreath smaller than the total area of the measured space


If your door is 35.5" wide, you'd want a wreath smaller than that measurement. A 30" wreath would be lovely on the door, while a 24" might be dwarfed by the large door size. A 36" wreath would be too large and look unsightly as well as make the door difficult to open and close. Make sure that no matter where you hang your wreath, the width is always smaller than the width of the door.







"It was great to work with Chris.  We had never decorated our house with lights before but I had an idea of what I wanted I just did not know specifics or how to begin.  Chris suggested a style of lights based on my vague thoughts and we agreed to a plan over email. I was not able to be home at the time we agreed on but that didn't matter.  I came home to a festive house ready for the holidays.  I literally didn't have to lift a finger as the lights were plugged into a timer and ready to go!  Excellent service - no question I'll be using him again next year."- Susan A., Seattle, WA




For Christmas bows, take half of the size of the wreath and choose a bow approximately that size. In our example, we have a 30" wreath. Half of the 30" is 15", so a 14" to 16" bow would look nice. Bows can be positioned at the top or bottom, center or hanging off to the side of the wreath for an asymmetrical look.




With any wreath, you can add decorations to make it your own original design. Lights, ornaments and flocking can be placed into the greenery to make the wreath's colors pop even from far away. Once your wreath is chosen and decorated, hanging it will be easy with hanging clips.


Decorating with Garland

Christmas garland comes in varying thickness depending on the length of the needles. Plush garland is great for fence posts, mantles, columns or posts, and stairway banisters, and battery operated garland and greenery make decorating in any location a breeze. To start decorating with garland:


Choose where you want the garland

Measure the area

Choose garland larger than the total area of the measure space




No matter where you put your garland, you're going to want the right thickness. Garland too thin won't be noticeable in a large area, and garland too thick will overtake the area.




If your column is 8' tall, you'll want garland at least twice that length so that the greenery can neatly wrap around in an ascending circle.




For fence posts with draping garland, for every 1' of fence, you'll want at least 1.5' of garland, so calculate accordingly.




For those who are having trouble hanging their garland over their doorways, try this quick tip: Tie a string (brown or green to hide amongst the greenery) around the inner branch of the garland and then use hooks, or nails to hang the strings. The garland should hang easily like this.












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