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Holiday Lights




Holiday Lights

Please read the entire sheet to make sure we covered everything!

You found us- and we found you!

Thanks for sending a request! You are in luck, we love helping new customers install lights on their home. Usually we are able to find a view of your home on-line on sites like Google Maps and are able to get a good idea as to the scope of the work. We will send you a customized plan on what could be done.

Areas of the Home We Decorate


These categories showcase the various displays we can create for your home, large or small.

Roof Line

Garage Doors & Windows


Pathways & Driveways


Pillars, Railings, Doors

Trees & Bushes

For greatest impact and best value we usually recommend lighting the roofs, Because most homes are oriented to show the “front” we will provide an estimate for the "front facade" (roof line), including all gutters and peaks. If there is side that face’s the street we will recommend it as an add on. Garage doors, pathway lights railings and trees will be extra's that can be added on.


Please choose which options you want so we can come prepared with the appropriate supplies.



Includes all lights, clips, extension cords, and a timer. We They will be yours to keep!!! (so next year you only need to pay for installation).


All we need to determine is... color options!!!! We can offer clear, clear/red, and multicolor c7 bulbs.


LED's are usually rated for 50,000 hours, but corrosion and other factors do no guarantee they will last.


Incandescent bulbs are more fragile and may burn out through the season. If more than 5 incandescent lights burn out, we will make a trip out to replace them, if we are in the area, for no additional cost.


I don’t mark up the prices on supplies, so I will only be able to estimate the amount for the cost of supplies.


Cost per linear ft (for supplies)

$1.26/linear ft for incandescent

$1.76/linear ft for LED


Installation Prices include installation, troubleshooting and takedown.


We will give you an estimated length by looking online at pictures of your home. If more lights are desired after an initial estimate is given the installation price may be impacted













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