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Holiday Lights

Commercial Vs Box sets


Why shouldn't I buy my lights from the store?


This is a complicated question. We don't want to give the impression that you can't buy your own lights, or use the lights you already have. The reality is we offer the best prices we possibly can on supplies and labor. The lights to the right appear to be the same, they are quite different. We have found that box lights from the store causes us to troubleshoot more, causing wasted time, change from year to year and increasing the cost to install.


Isn't it cheaper to buy the lights on sale at the end of the season?


Believe it or not, the answer is a resounding NO. Because we buy such large quantities of lights our suppliers, we get the best pricing possible. Add to the fact that we charge by linear foot, you are not paying for lights you aren't using. (ie what if you buy 10 boxes of lights that are 25' long, but we only use 235 ft. There is 15' you are paying for that you aren't using)



Why are your LED's so much better?


LED technology has its benefits and its downfalls. Have you ever noticed that they have a big box at the end near the plug? That's because LED requires that the electricity be modified. Box sets of LED's are wired as a series, which means that all the lights have to work together. (they have 3 little wires running through the whole set). If one light fails it might cause part of the set to stop working.


Why is Linear vs series wiring so important?


Our LED's are wired using linear technology, which means we can custom fit the set to your house and if a bulb burns out it won't kill the rest of the set. Linear wiring also allows us to customize the set for you house, which means you won't have "extra" lights hanging off the ends of your home, making it look more professional and keeping cost lower, by not paying for lights you don't need.

Why do you offer supplies at cost?


That's an easy question! We know the first year of installation comes with the additional cost of supplies. We are looking for long term customers that desire to have us be a part of their holiday's for years. We have one of the highest retention rates of any industry, and against most competitors. We are hard wired to offer the best possible value. That means you won't find a better quality service for a lower price. Whether your house is large or small the cost of supplies plays a major factor in determining the final cost. Higher quality lights last longer and over time cost less. We think that you will find


Will you install lights I buy lights from the store?


Sadly the answer is probably not. Unless they are approved before hand, we know that our installation method goes much more efficiently when we know what we are working with. We consider ourselves professionals, having installed thousands of homes lights. Imagine if Russell Wilson was asked to play football with a rugby ball. While they appear to be similar, he has invested thousands of hours throwing a football. We feel the same way. Unless the lights have been designed by a reputable installer, we would encourage you to by from us. Feel free to ask, as there may be exceptions.
















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